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Vincent Grunewald

Hard and soft landscaping is not a matter of just filling out empty spaces ! It involves shaping living spaces in ways both functional and authentic.

The design of exterior spaces is in fact no easy task. It requires what is time-consuming preliminary work for both understanding the site and drawing up precises pecifications. This preliminary work is absolutely essential for the success of your project, laying the ground for a coherent design of shapes, volumes, colours and textures, all to be integrated into the existing environment – this might seem somewhat abstract to you, but everything falls into place once the project is completed and the garden is left to start its life and growth.

The work is shared out between the different trades, calling upon the best of specialists. The engineering keeps an overview and seeks to optimise the process – the pricepaid at the design stage often allows reducing the cost of the actual work.

Vincent Grunewald - Paysagiste