Rebuilt on the ruins of an old house, this new building now overlooks an olive grove of several hectares with an uncluttered view.

Marrying a traditional Provencal style of stone cladding and corner stones, the exterior connects with the contemporary interior of generous volumes and plenty of light. But the property needed the addition of greenery to compliment the strong mineral presence.

The first intervention was to structure the exterior space: location and size of the car park; creation of a secondary access; securing the property against wild game; and the arrangement of living spaces.

A courtyard was created on the west side. It is accessible by car when needed and allows access to the entrance on the south facade. The large bay window in the living room looks onto the new plant decor.

The south facade is informal and follows the lines of the agricultural landscape with its aligned olive trees. It includes another lawn area with several flowering beds throughout the year, and aromatic plant bins close to the kitchen.

  • Date

    January 2018 to April 2018

  • Budget 

    € 120,000 excl.tax estimated (excluding swimming pool)

  • Mission

    Integration of a new construction in an agricultural landscape

  • Team

    Les Jardins du Louron