Lost in the middle of a pine forest, this old quarry suffered from progressive encroachment by surrounding pines. Extensive vegetation thinning and earthworks have reduced the risk of fire and reopened views towards the valley, and reshaped the land to drain and collect rainwater.

The amphitheater garden, follows the volumes of the site and accommodates a tiered and progressive vegetation which blends gently into the surrounding landscape.

The house is surround by a simple garden arranged around a small swimming pool, with a well-bordered lawned area and a few Mediterranean garden beds, situated under the imposing limestone cliff.

In front of the house, sit large blocks of stone, vestiges of past quarrying, which form cubic sculptures that combine with pruned plants creating interesting features in the terrain where there is no soil deep enough to plant.

The garden is divided into several areas by valleys allowing runoff water to be channeled and collected in a filtration basin. The paths crossing these valleys access an orchard on a hillock, and a meadow of cistus or the majestic underground quarries.

  • Date

    February 2018 to May 2018

  • Budget 

    € 280,000 excl.tax estimated

  • Mission

    Protect the property against the risk of fire and soil erosion, reduction of the mineral footprint by adding plants, organization of an intimate garden around the house.

  • Team

    Les Jardins du Louron