Sheltered from prying eyes, this beautiful property in the land of ocher quarries & hills surprises with its wide panorama over the entire Luberon chain. The original garden had been planted with many varieties of trees and shrubs and the clients could see neither organisation or logic.

Initial work on plant identification made it possible to select some plants to preserve. The mission then turned to the design of a new structure, integrating the surrounding landscape, copying the lines and typologies of vegetation to erase the boundaries of newly created plots. Thus, the old truffle wood was extended by a newly planted truffle field. The humid forest extended from the left bank of the newly created small lake, to the other side of the fence into an untouched wood and pond. We looked to the lines of the surrounding vines to aligne the blocks of lavender and fruit trees.

The garden has also been divided into two zones: the irrigated area around the house with its green lawn, the swimming pool, the hundred-year-old plane tree and beds of colourful shrubs and flowers; and the surrounding dry, more agricultural area which gradually blends into the landscape beyond. Multiple paths connect the two zones with a variety of walks.

Finally, a big project of water diverting, drainage and rainwater storage was carried out to protect the house. A water retention basin, the small lake, was dug. The quarried earth made it possible to completely remodel the northern part of the property. Today it is home to an olive grove on hillocks that permit the property to be hidden from the neighbour. And the grove produces olives while directing rain water to the newly dug ditches.

  • Date

    March 2019 to May 2021

  • Budget 

    460,000 €

  • Mission

    Re-structure and plant a large barren landscape while managing rainwater, connect the property to fiber cable, bring back some of its past agricultural function

  • Team

    CEREC ETUDES, Rosalind ARCHER, ATP Drones, Hydrosol Engineering, Song of Trees