Nestled in the heart of the Camargue, this property of several hundred hectares was abandoned for more than 10 years. We brought a new vision to transforming this former working farmhouse into guest rooms. The view over the 9 hectare pond has been preserved but thinned out and opened up by mixing native grasses and plants suited to dry and coastal land.

Supporting the clients consisted of guiding them in their choices. For example, where to create a new road towards the house and access to the meadows; managing parking at a good distance from the accommodation without compromising the magnificent views of the pond, and creating space between the reception hall and the swimming pool.

The clients were fully on board with the project. And they are continuing the work, on the marsh side, and the garden side.

The best way to see and enjoy the results is to stay there !

  • Date

    October 2018 to November 2019

  • Budget 

    € 150,000 excl.tax estimated

  • Mission

    To support the clients in their choices of accessibility, traffic flow and alternative materials for redoing pathways & roads.

  • Team

    NorthSud Architecture, Art & Renovation